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Brain Mapping at the Edge of Chaos

Every Thursday for the last three years a group of doctors, engineers and computer programmers have met at The Edge of Chaos.  In the beginning the goal of their work sounded so futuristic that it did not seem attainable:  To find the cause of Parkinson’s disease.  Now going on four years later and grants from NIH and The Michael J. Fox Foundation their work at The Edge of Chaos is no longer that of a dream.  It is coming very close to being a reality.  Additionally, their work is shedding light on several other mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.   The work of Dr. Frank Skidmore, Thomas Anthony and Jon Marstrander (or as we call them:  “The Brain Mapping Group”)   is what The Edge of Chaos was designed for.

We bring together groups of individuals with assorted skill sets from across the University and Health System to develop creative and innovative solutions to complex problems.  The addition the assets of the Cheaha Project bring to the University is a very exciting value add to the Innovation Process.

If you have ever wondered what we do at The Edge of Chaos, we encourage you to take 2 ½ minutes of your time and watch this video.

Dispatch from the Edge