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Director of Innovation David Hooks tackles economic development in the Black Belt region

David Hooks, Director of Innovation at The Edge of Chaos, also works on stimulating innovation and economic development outside of the office in his capacity as the Chairman of the Black Belt Manufacturing Committee. Tuesday, April 8, he attended a Black Belt Executive Committee Meeting in Greensboro, AL at the Pie Lab.

The Pie Lab is a local enterprise in Greensboro run by Pam Dorr, who also spoke at the lunch event and gave committee members a tour of the local bike shop she spearheaded. The bike shop makes use of the bamboo that grows rampant in the area in order to make lightweight bicycles. Their products are now manufactured in 24 countries.

The Black Belt Executive Committee and Black Belt Manufacturing Committee are committed to spurring economic growth and well-being in one of Alabama’s most economically challenged regions.


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