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The Edge of Chaos Congratulates Dr. Cameron Vowell on the Vulcan Lifetime Achievement Award!

Dr. Cameron Vowell, a key member of The Naked Catfish, which is the Board of Directors of The Edge of Chaos, will be honored with the Vulcan Lifetime Achievement Award on October 2, 2014. Dr. Vowell is receiving this award in recognition of decades of work championing women and the environment.

Vowell was a key activist in GASP, the Greater Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution, in the 1970s. In the early part of that decade, Birmingham was so badly polluted that the city was almost impossible to see through the smog, and at one point grew so severe that U.S. District Judge Sam Pointer required 23 Birmingham industries to shut down their smokestacks. From engaged activism with GASP in her 20s, Vowell went on to be appointed to the Alabama Air Pollution Control Commission and its successor, the Alabama Environmental Management Commission, serving on that group for a total of 14 years. She has remained vocal on the subject of environmental pollution throughout her illustrious career, serving as a charter member of the Nature Conservancy; she is now active on its national board.

Dr. Vowell is also a former Board Chair of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, where she was instrumental in the creation of The Women’s Fund. She has participated in Leadership Alabama and was in the first classes for Leadership Birmingham and Momentum, the women's leadership program of the YWCA.  She helped found the Alabama Women's Initiative, promoting advancement of women in leadership in Alabama, and the Alabama Solution, a women's political action committee.

The Edge of Chaos congratulates Dr. Vowell on this tremendous honor and is delighted to have her as such an important part of The Naked Catfish!

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