Emergency Preparedness

Below are general guidelines found in the university's Emergency Response Plans: On-Campus and UAB Department of Occupational Health and Safety's Emergency Preparedness and Security Program. You are encouraged to browse the complete disaster response and preparedness guidelines to familiarize yourself with the action plans. Always dial 911 from any UAB phone or the UAB Police Emergency Line at 934-3535. 

Fire Safety

Always act in the interest of your safety before assisting others. You are never required to assist others; however, you should never obstruct others from evacuating the building. 

  • If you smell smoke or fire: activate the fire alarm and evacuate the building. Once you're in a safe location, call 911 from any UAB phone or dial the UAB Police Emergency line at 934-3535 from a cell phone or public phone.
  • As you are exiting, close your room door and fire doors located in the corridors. 


Evacuation for staff and visitors will be carried out in a timely and orderly manner:

  • whenever the fire alarm is sounded,
  • if fire is detected,
  • or if ordered to do so by emergency personnel.

When evacuating, proceed to the nearest exit and move immediately away from the building entrances to provide unobstructed access for emergency personnel and equipment. The Ryals Public Health Building Rally Point is the 7D parking lot located between the 9th Avenue Parking Deck and the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Severe Weather/Tornado

During any actual emergency or severe weather situation, UAB.edu/emergency will be the official source of UAB information. The UAB Severe Weather & Emergency Hotline, (205) 934-2165, will also be updated as appropriate.

Any severe weather warning means a weather event has been positively identified in or near Jefferson County. Emergency sirens will sound. Always seek shelter immediately along the interior walls; enclosed, windowless staircases; or a basement area. The Ryals Public Health Building Severe Weather Gathering Points are located in the 1st floor main interior corridor and the hallway behind Suite 130. Stay away from windows as much as possible. Don't ever monitor the weather by standing at a large window.

Police Emergencies

Ryals Public Health Building is equipped with blue and red Police Emergency Stations in the main corridors and classrooms. Pressing the red "HELP" button notifies UAB Police and activates the system, which will cause all perimeter doors to lock from the outside. The police will conduct a search of the entire building and evacuate those sheltering in place on a room-by-room basis.

Active Shooter

Always act in the interest of your safety before assisting others. You are never required to assist others; however, you should never obstruct others as they seek safety. 

  • Activate a Police Emergency Station or call 911 if you can do so without putting yourself in danger.
  • Run, if you can do so without encountering the shooter.
  • Hide, if not safe to run.
  • As a last resort, fight. If you cannot run or hide and you must confront the shooter, fight back. You may save your own life.

Medical Emergencies

  • Dial 911 from a UAB phone or dial the UAB Police Emergency line at 934-3535.
  • Keep others clear of the area in which the emergency occurs.
  • Meet the first responders and direct them to the location of the incident.
  • One emergency personnel are on the scene, leave the immediate area so as not to obstruct them as they work.

Register for UAB B-Alert

In order to provide notifications of campus emergencies, UAB uses B-Alert. To register a phone number or email address, or for more information, go to uab.edu/balert.