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Smoking Cessation in Public Housing

Mihir Limdi served the summer of 2017 as a Fellow at The Edge of Chaos.  Mihir’s fellowship was unique in that Mihir is actually a student at Rice University.  He was home for summer break and was looking for a project that was interesting and would broaden his work experience.  The Edge of Chaos “Wicked Problem Fellowship Program” presented the perfect opportunity.  At the direction of Dr. Nancy Dunlap he worked on the issue of “Smoking Cessation in Public Housing”.  The following is the product of his work.

Homelessness in Birmingham: An update from The Edge of Chaos

This Wicked Problem case on homelessness in Birmingham was researched and written by Sean Bowman.  Sean earned his Master’s in Public Health at UAB after attaining his undergraduate degree from Auburn.  He currently is employed by a successful start-up company that emerged out of UAB.

Sean did an internship with The Edge of Chaos for his master’s program, the project he was assigned was Household Hazardous Waste. After the internship Sean was impressed enough with the process of the internship and committed enough to the cause of the Homeless that he did this entire project of his own volition. It took him a years’ worth of work, with no grade or compensation as reward. 

This is a well-researched and thought out piece on Homelessness in Birmingham. Whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions Sean deserves a shout out for his commitment to the cause and a thank you from Birmingham for his work.  Thanks Sean!!!!!! 

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