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The Naked Catfish

The Naked Catfish is the name of the advisory group for The Edge of Chaos, a project of the UAB School of Public Health. It is named after the species of catfish that does not have scales or any other kind of body protection. This fish is not the prettiest member of this group, but it is intriguing because of its habit of swimming upside down.

The name The Naked Catfish was selected to reflect the edgy, somewhat irreverent distinctiveness of The Edge of Chaos as a space where faculty and students from different disciplines across the campus and members of the community come together to embark on an experiment in discovery in science, education, service or business. Here trans-disciplinary thinking becomes the norm; ideas emerge at the “adjacent possible,” from the interstices, from the trial and error, and failure of possibilities.

The Naked Catfish will develop policy and financial support as well as guide the director of The Edge of Chaos.

List of Members:


  • Suzanne Austin
  • William J. Bryant
  • Joy Carter
  • Ann Florie
  • Jason Hill
  • Eric P. Jack
  • Joshua Klapow
  • Kay Kornmeier
  • Dennis C. Leonard
  • Ann McMillan
  • Gerald McGwin
  • Max Michael
  • Dan Monroe
  • T. Scott Plutchak
  • Steven Schultz
  • Cameron Vowell
  • Timothy Wick
  • Mark Wilson
  • Majd Zayzafoon